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Located in Falls Church, Virginia - just 6 miles from Washington, DC, the Lake Barcroft community was developed in the 1950s by a Boston partnership. The developers hired Walter Gropius, the dean of Harvard University’s graduate school of architecture and design to help plan the community. 
When planning the community, Mr. Gropius envisioned “a large nursery for children, adding enough azaleas “to make the rolling hills a riot of color” and installing barbecue pits on every porch “to make for country living.” 
Indeed, residents here enjoy a beautiful natural setting that bursts to life with color each Spring, and in summer the smell of many a barbecue wafts through the air. 


The community consists of about 1000 custom homes of varying architecture, which makes for a visually appealing community. 
Whether you want a French-inspired home, a mid-century, or a traditional home, you’ll see it at Lake Barcroft. 


Residents enjoy 5 private, sandy, white beaches that make the perfect space for hanging out with family, friends, and neighbors. 


Residents also enjoy exploring the lake by electric-powered pontoons, sailboats, and self-powered boats like kayaks and canoes. 
We’ve only skimmed the surface of life in Lake Barcroft here, but please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information about buying or selling a home in Lake Barcroft.

Below are some helpful resources as you get to know the Lake Barcroft community better.
For a fun tour of Lake Barcroft, watch: Video: Tour of Lake Barcroft
For more information visit the Lake Barcroft Community Website
For a brief history of Lake Barcroft, watch this video:
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